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Three Ways You Can Create A Healthy Relationship With Money

Buying a house, planning a big vacation, picking your retirement date … Most of us don’t take these major financial decisions lightly. We build our lives one financial choice at a time, carefully considering the dollars and cents.

But most people don’t realize that the bottom line isn’t the end of the story. Humans are emotional creatures, and even the most “rational” of us can seem to act “irrationally” when it comes to money decisions. That’s where understanding financial psychology comes in. Recognizing the psychological factors that influence our financial choices helps us make more considered decisions, especially during stressful times.

In my experience working at the intersection of financial and personal well-being, I’ve helped numerous clients address the qualitative aspects of wealth management. And now, I’m here to share just a few of the most helpful points with you.

This post originally appeared at Kiplinger.