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About Great Money Tips

Great Money Tips = great personal finance tips.  Plain and simple.   

Ever wonder why most personal financial information is on banking websites?  Or financial advisor websites?  How about vacation spending articles right on a travel agency website?

Some of it may be good, but not all of it.  But most “news” articles end up being nothing more than an opportunity to advertise to you.  And that’s ok too (they’re just marketing their products)… but how do you tell the difference between the good, great and downright misleading?

We know personal finance.  As well-versed and seasoned financial professionals from various areas of the industry, we sort through the heap to bring you great money tips!  

Really want an independent article on why you should or should not pay points on your mortgage?  We can deliver that!

How about an update on a piece of legislation set to pass the Senate concerning student loan forgiveness?  We can get you that too!

How about the best travel reward credit cards, with the best points and lowest annual fees?  Yeah, you’ll end up seeing something like that from us as well…

And much more!

The crew at Great Money Tips are here to deliver a free e-letter focused on the various primary areas of personal finance.  These include:

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Mortgages
  • Credit Cards
  • Travel
  • Student Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Investing

Great Money Tips is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is led by financial industry expert Karl Stevenson.

With decades as an insurance industry professional, as well as a pro trader in stocks, options, currency, and crypto; when it comes to financial issues Karl knows a lot about a lot!  And under his leadership, the Great Money Tips staff will bring the best personal finance news right to your inbox. 

And unlike a lot of other newsletters out there, we’re unbiased.  We’re just here to vet and share the best personal finance tips out there… End of story!