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Great Money Tips = Insightful Personal Finance News

You’ve found your new one-stop-shop for some of the best personal finance content you’ll find on the web…


The world of personal finance is a vast and deep sea of information spanning a wide array of topics.  Some of it’s good, some of it’s mediocre, and some is a hot mess.  

So how do you, the average joe, know the good from the bad?  It’s tough sometimes, but we use our vast professional financial industry experience to find the proverbial needle in the haystack.  


If you’ve spent any amount of time on the web searching for personal finance tips and articles, then you know the definition casts a wide net over a huge array of topics.  That’s where it’s easy to get confused.  But we’ve narrowed it down to 8 distinct areas that make up the bulk of the meaning of the term.    

Check out the list below…

  • Banking – Want no ATM fees?  Need to find an online bank?  How about a high-yield savings account?  Or maybe a low-fee checking account?  
  • Insurance –  We’ll bring you tips on finding some of the best values in life insurance, homeowners, car, and health insurance… among other types of insurance.
  • Mortgages – Interest rates, interest rates, interest rates… plus some insight on details such as closing costs, points, ARM interest rates and more…
  • Credit Cards –  Best intro rates? No fee balance transfers?  Best cards for lower credit scores?  Best rewards points?  SO MUCH info to cover here… 
  • Travel – Which airline has hot deals right now?  Need to find the best bang for your travel budget?  Want an uber-luxurious hotel on the cheap?  How will you use your rewards points?  All this and more…
  • Student Loans –  You have children ready for college and need to plan for a student loan?  You want to find the best deal in student loans?  Having trouble repaying your student loan?  Need to refinance your student loan due to COVID?  All that lands in here…
  • Personal Loans –  Need an unsecured loan to refinance your various debt?  Want to find the best rate on personal loans?  Is a personal loan right or a credit card the best plan for you?  
  • Investing –  Need to start an IRA?  Is a SEP IRA or ROTH IRA better?  Need a financial planner?  You have FIRE on your mind? 

As you can see that is A LOT of ground to cover and the information you’ll find on the big ol’ WWW will be all over the place as far as quality of content.  We’ll be providing you tips on all these topics and maybe just a few more not mentioned above!


We are a group of financial professionals with various backgrounds managing money, writing training services, personal finance and insurance and more.  We’ll use our DECADES of combined experience to suss out great money tips you can use!

We’re NOT currently operating as Registered Investment Advisors, Stock Brokers, Money Managers, Trading Platform Owners, Insurance Agents, or any other type of registered financial professional.  


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Karl Stevenson